AndRecorder - Version Info

Features marked with "*" are only available in AndRecorder-Premium (AR-P).

AndRecorder-Free V1.95, AndRecorder-Premium v1.3:

- "Pause recording" feature! (Enable through Settings)
- Playback features - "Repeat one" and "Repeat All"
- Added Year/Month/Day order for recordings list
- Added an option to shorten residiual playback

AndRecorder-Free V1.92, AndRecorder-Premium v1.2:

- Help/FAQ link available from main screen menu
- Added "Delete confirmation" dialog
- You can now set the recordings counter
- Added two "Themes" - icon sets to enrich user experience
- *You can now set a recording as a RINGTONE

AndRecorder-Free V1.91, AndRecorder-Premium v1.1:

- Exit button on main screen
- *Settings enable recordings listing in music apps and date format change
- *All the recordings from "AndRecorder - Free" will be available to "AndRecorder" users
- *Hearing people and songs on Fast Forward is always a great laugh :)

AndRecorder-Free V1.7 :

- Recordings will no longer be listed in music apps
- Rename - if same-name file exists, rename will fail
- Recordings list screen - now remembers previous settings

AndRecorder-Free V1.6 :

- Fixed Samsung recording rates issues