AndRecorder - Troubleshooting

I would like my work to be useful and would like to help you with your issues. 
You are always welcome to mail me at with any questions. You can also see if your issue might be resolved through these steps:

Q: Why is there no recording?
Please check that you have enough space for recording on your SD card

* RESTART your phone (turn it off and on again), then make a short recording with AndRecorder (a few seconds long), then play it - did it record properly?

Q: Why does my recording sounds fast or slow?
* Different models have different defaults. Go to AndRecorder Settings and try recording with different settings - change from "Mono" to "Stereo" and also try the different recording rates (11025/22050/44100) - do they all sound the same?

Q: Why does the recording cut off?
Do you have any task killer app installed on your phone? If you do, you'll need to add AndRecorder to the "whitelist" to prevent the task killer from stopping AndRecorder.

* Please go to AndRecorder settings and turn on "Prevent phone from sleeping", which can also help.
-- Now try to make a long recording without letting your phone go to sleep (=turning the screen off) - did it work well?
-- Now try making a long recording with your phone going to sleep - did it also work well?